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We have all played with jigsaw puzzles. We have all felt the frustration when trying to make pieces fit or trying to find the last piece needed to finish the puzzle and we have all felt the elation when that last piece goes in and the puzzle is complete. In many ways Asset Integrity is similar to a jigsaw puzzle. There are a number of pieces which all lock together to complete the picture but in many cases companies donít have all the pieces or canít seem to make them fit together

Failure to complete the Asset Integrity jigsaw puzzle can lead to many problems and ultimately could result in catastrophic failures of systems. One only has to look at Piper Alpha, Texas City or Macondo to see just how devastating these failures can be on life, environment and the assets themselves with all the ensuing financial implications

Each piece of the Asset Integrity Jigsaw contains a number of philosophies which can help build an implementation strategy which allows mitigation of risks and ultimately leads to reduced costs and more efficient utilization of assets

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